Church of Chora

Istanbul's Byzantine Marvel

The Church of Chora, a Golden Award-winning book, is the most interactive historical museum guide describing some of the oldest and finest surviving Byzantine mosaics and frescoes in the church of Chora, Istanbul, Turkey.

Chora Museum (Chora Church) Interactive Book, learn about the History of Chora Church


  • Interactive maps for main sections.
  • Church of Chora book destinations:
    • Chora Church History (with voice narration).
    • Entryway mosaics.
    • Chora Church Naos mosaics.
    • Chora Church inner narthex mosaics (introductory video with voice narration).
    • Chora Church outer narthex mosaics (introductory video with voice narration).
    • Chora Church parekklesion frescoes (introductory video with voice narration).
    • Portraits of Saints.
  • Contains over 300 detailed photographs.
  • The church of Chora book references to the Bible describing each episode.
  • Original Greek text appearing on the mosaics and frescoes.
  • The Church of Chora book is over 100 pages.

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Chora Museum Guide, Chora Church Book