Church of Chora Book Author

Elias Sarantopoulos, Author, Photographer, Designer

Born in Athens, Greece, Elias Sarantopoulos migrated to the U.S. where he received his BA and MA degrees. He started his professional career in the mid-90s working for tech startups focusing on web technologies and being a part time faculty in various educational institutions. An instructor and mentor over 20 years of teaching experience Elias has taught both graphic and web design courses in corporations, universities, and colleges. He currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey teaching at a private university, participating in all aspects of visual communication and interactive design.

In 2008 he started his YouTube channel teaching subjects on graphic design, web design, photography, vector, and 3D which have also been published and shared to various prominent community blogs and training sites.

  • Elias Sarantopoulos
  • Author, Lecturer, Designer