Chora Museum Entryway Mosaics

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"The Land of the Living / Η Χώρα των Ζώντων"

Chora Church (Chora Museum) entryway mosaics include Christ Pantocrator, Virgin Praying and the Angels, and Enthroned Christ and the Donor.

Christ Pantocrator mosaic is located in the outer narthex, above the entrance door to the inner narthex. It depicts Christ Pantocrator (Almighty, Greek: Παντοκράτωρ) holding a jeweled book of gospels in his left hand while on his right hand makes the gesture of blessing with the raising of the thumb vertically and the separation of the index finger widely from the others.

Virgin Praying and the Angels mosaic is located in upper arch of the museum’s entrance, a kind of presentation of the Virgin with the Christ Child known as Blachernitissa since its believed its prototype to have been an icon at the church of Theotokos of the Blachernai.

The Enthroned Christ and the Donor mosaic is located at the inner narthex above the entrance to the Naos. Christ, the Land of the Living, is seated and on the left Theodoros Metochites is offering a model of the church to Christ.